Get Your Spring Game On: Fuchsia

Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!
— Miley Cyrus
  Photos:  Indigital via  (all image rights belong to their respective owners)

Photos:  Indigital via (all image rights belong to their respective owners)

Lo and behold, fashionistas, pink is back on the style scene! And it's not just any pink! Fuchsia is ruling the SS17 and is the colour of the season. Late last year runway shows across the globe, from Chanel to Balmain, Kenzo to Dior, Topshop to Osman, all have dictated this bold trend in mesmerising unison, so it's time to be bright in a big way, my darlings! 

A couple of years ago, I remember buying these amazing bright pink cigarette trousers, in fuchsia obviously. For some odd reason I wore them only once and that was it... Once! Looking at it in hindsight, it must have been an attitude deal at the time - perhaps I wasn't quite ready to be as bright and flamboyant back then... But you know, things change and humans evolve; as Miley appropriately says - "pink isn't just a colour - it's an attitude!".  So this spring season I'm totally going to rock this trend. Wait and see my very own OOTD post fronting fuchsia quite soon, and in the meantime browse through a little inspiration board I pulled together for you, my gorgeous friends ;)

На славу всем модницам, розовый цвет возвращается на главный подиум мирового street style! И это не просто розовый оттенок, а Фуксия.  Именно этот яркий колер объявлен главным красочным виновником сезона Весна-Лето 2017. В конце прошлого года, лучшие дизайнеры модных столиц всего мира, начиная с Balmain и заканчивая Mango, воедино продиктовали эту смелую тенденцию в завораживающем унисоне дефиле весенне-летнего сезона. Ярко-розовый это не просто цвет, это характер! Так что, барышни, обновляйте гардероб фуксией  без колебаний :)

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