Why You Should Wear Bodysuits this Spring

With confidence, you have won before you have started.
— Marcus Garvey
 Images taken on iPhone 7

Images taken on iPhone 7

The trend rumour has it that bodysuits are the IT-items to own this spring. Diving back into history, a bodysuit is a revolutionary descendant of a leotard, made famous by Claire McCardell, American Fashion Designer of the 50s era. Designed for office wear, Ms McCardell wisely recognised practical aspects of this garment - while being sleek and feminine it eliminated a problem of constant blouse-tucking during work hours. Best idea ever if you ask me! Then later, Donna Karan brought back the iconic garment to the fashion scene of New York City during the 80s and it stuck around since then, but in a subtle echo at times, before turning all fashion-forward again in 2017. Endorsed by oh so many celebrities, it is one of the most prominent fashion trends of this spring season. Forget the diamonds, bodysuits are officially a girl's best friend! So go on, girlie, scroll down to see my very own selection of the best pieces to rock today! :) 

Боди, лучшая тенденция весеннего сезона. Американский модельер женской одежды, Клэр МакКарделл, впервые представила коллекцию боди на модном бомонде эры 50ых годов, в виде блузок и обтягивающих футболок. Позже в 80е годы, после некого затишья, Донна Каран вновь возродила моду боди-водолазок на Нью-Йоркском дефиле как предмет офисной одежды для женщин и мужчин. В 2017 году, боди снова в моде! Возрождено как самый яркий, женственный и воздушный атрибут дамского гардероба, абсолютно версатильного свойства.