Transitional Fashion: Monochrome

The mind is everything. What you think you become.
— Buddha

Sunny London has turned back into a moody, stormy weather bubble, with rains non-stop all day long. Buddha said, that your mind is everything, what you think you become. So, if we choose to look on the brighter side of this stormy situation, the rather unpleasant atmospheric condition is actually a perfect reason to embrace the funk of transitional fashion - from summer to fall.

I adore dressing up for the pre-fall season! There are always so many different style routes you can take, experiment with lots of different garments, mix up sporty with classic, leather with silk, etc (if I don't stop myself here, I can literally go on listing all of the vogue possibilities). Now, I've already written about the key fashion trends of this season, and as you may all know, I really like my clothes in monochrome. So naturally, today's city look is in monochrome :)  

I love reading your comments on my blog, guys! So, let's talk! Let me know about your pre-fall trends :)


Jacket: Armani Exchange (similar here)

Blouse: Zara (similar here)

Trousers: Zara (similar here)

Sandals: Vince Camuto (similar here)

Bag: Zara (similar here)