Purple Youth

Ageing has a wonderful beauty and we should have respect for that.
— Eartha Kitt

Hello my gorgeous and stylish friends! How are you? How are things? How is everything?

So...Being a geek that I am, recently I read an article on human ageing process and I got really inspired by it. Basically, scientists have proved that people age at different rates, which is of course understandable, as some individuals look younger or older than their peers. It all depends on your genetic code and the lifestyle that you lead. The fun part is we are so advanced, that we are able to influence the ageing process of our body cells to delay its natural course. This can of course be done by taking care of our health on a daily basis, so small things do count! It's all about good, nutritious and wholesome diet, drinking plenty of water, exercising consistently, beauty sleep (very important!), reducing stress levels by creating happy environments for ourselves - being surrounded by positive people and following our dreams :)

Ageing is an inevitably beautiful fact of nature, and like all of us, I certainly hope to do it gracefully. So in light of this delightful topic, I'd like to share with you a few photographs of the look I wore on my birthday, which was two weeks ago. It's a very pretty, purple ruffled dress, which I bought while I was in New York two years ago. I don't know what brand it is, I cut off the label so it wouldn't itch (sorry :D), but I do remember that I bought it in Macy's. Purple is one of my favourite colours, as it combines the tranquillity of blue and the fearless energy of red (two of my ultimate fave colours). Purple is associated with ambition, luxury and nobility. What better occasion to wear this lovely colour than to celebrate your birthday!? :)


Dress - Macy's

Sandals - Reiss

Sunglasses - Miu Miu