Khaki & Layers

Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying.
— W. Clement Stone
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 Photography: Antony Sendall

Photography: Antony Sendall

Hey street style jedi! How's it going? Have you been checking out the latest style trends for the coming fall? Well, don't fret if you haven't, cause in this article I'm going to share with you this fall-winter season's main colour domination!

So! Khaki and red are the two very important colour palettes that should prevail in your wardrobe this season. There is a big red trend going around these days, for which I will create a special outfit in the next article, but today, as you have seen in these photographs, is all about khaki! To me, this colour is a true representation of solemn strength and serious motivation, perseverance to achieve your dreams. And it's a quality that's very dear to my heart, I believe that everyone should get their chance to shine and succeed in this life! So I decided to create a very cool, minimalistic outfit for ambitious young ladies, which is both, super stylish and effortless to put together (always a winning combination!).

I'd really love to know what your chic business power-outfit is, so please don't be shy and leave your comments down below! :)