I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
— James Dean

Hello lovelies, I'm starting this article with this beautiful quote. It is so meaningful. It shows us how important it really is to stay true to yourself, to your dreams and to your goals no matter the circumstances. So raise your sails high up and aim your vision towards the blueprint of your success. Always try to do good and be kind. Because if not you, who else will? :)

We're now in mid March, meaning sunshine is putting it's spells on us with vitamin D, leaving pretty highlights in our hair and fresh glow on our skin. My weekend style choice was preppy with a nautical twist, so stripes, lots of stripes. I kept it minimalistic, with clean lines,  in a cosy sailor's sweater and sporty white skorts. Reflecting sunnies will rock up your look with that 'movie star' coolness, and we like that of course! 

So! Let's kick this week off on a fashionably positive note! Have a fabulous and productive week everyone! xo


Top - Zara

Skorts - Zara

Boots - Carlo Pazolini

Bag - Banana Republic