Night at the Museum

My future starts when I wake up every morning. Every day I find something creative to do with my life.
— Miles Davis
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Hello my beautiful friends! Hope your week has started on a productive and fabulous note. I've had an insanely busy escapade of days and wasn't able to blog much, so right now you will hear all about the journey of today’s outfit.

I always try to scout out beautiful locations for our shoots, so that it’s interesting for you guys to see how I see London, and to discover the beauty of this city, if you don’t live here. I also try to put together outfits for you, so that they’re inspiring, cool and functional at the same time. For today’s article I've prepared a retro chic denim look influenced by the seventies – this trend is still big throughout the warm season, and knowing me I will try to rock it for as long as I possibly can, because I simply love seventies fashion! It’s all about soft matte colour palette range in distinct shades, with nostalgic fabric cuts and minimal accessories.

So on one fine afternoon we took on South Kensington to capture new street style material for the blog, when suddenly it started raining cats and dogs. Obviously it would have been extremely hard to take any good photos in torrential rain, so we quickly escaped this hurricane of a weather and ran into the closest indoors establishment. We got into the coolest place ever, the Science Museum! Now I have been here countless times and absolutely adore all exhibits they have on display. Just think of everything from engines dating back to 1800's to airplanes and interactive energy fields. I’m a geek at heart so naturally it’s one of my favorite hangout spots in town. What I didn't know on the day is that there was a new exhibition – Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age. It was the story of the Russian space travel shaped in the early decades of twentieth century. Now, coming from Kyrgyzstan, you can imagine how magical it was to discover the Soviet spacecraft first hand. It was mind-blowing to see the actual space capsule in which Valentina Tereshkova has flown out to space (the first woman in space!!!!), all the costumes and other significant artifacts of that era. Everything I learnt and saw in history textbooks at school was now laid out in front of my eyes. All excitement aside, we were actually able to create some wonderful content for today’s post, which was a big surprise, because as you can imagine, the lighting in museums can be really dim.

Sadly, this exhibition is now closed, but there is another cool adventure you can go on at the Science Museum, and it’s called ‘Astronights’. It’s basically an overnight access to the museum’s galleries with dinner and breakfast, spooky torchlight tour in the darkness of the night and an IMAX screening of The Batman vs Superman movie if you visit in June. Can you envision yourself as Ben Stiller’s character in ‘the night at the museum’ film? I certainly can! :D

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