On Charisma

Charisma is a sparkle in people that money can’t buy. It’s an invisible energy with visible effects.
— Marianne Williamson

Over the last few weeks we have enjoyed a very amicable weather here in London, with lots of sunny spells, long evenings and vibrant colours. So on one of these wonderful warm breezy evenings, I sat with friends at an all-vegan restaurant, Redemption in Notting Hill, over delicious organic food, healthy cocktails and various discussions, including human personality traits. I am truly fascinated by charisma – my friend said, and that inspired this article.

Charisma is a quality that has always mesmerised mankind. Throughout generations we saw enigmatically charming individuals shining through, captivating the public eye with that je ne sais quoi. One doesn't have to be exceptionally beautiful or enviably rich to be charismatic. While the aforementioned is appealing to many, it is still just an external surface that doesn't last a lifetime. Charisma on the other hand is a trait that cannot be bought with money, but can certainly be developed within, if you don’t have it in you naturally. You have to be prepared though, like everything else in life, if you want to be that person with the sparkle, you have to work on it. Exercise the charisma muscle daily, because hard work certainly pays off.

I am thankful that I know quite a few charismatic people, and have noticed the one motto that unites them all - “No matter what the outcome of any situation you’re in is, it will be Okay.” Isn't this a great way of thinking and living life? It gives you power over any fear, any doubt or any insecurity you could ever face. The moment you recognise a possibility of failure and don’t flinch at the idea of it, is the moment you come out of it a victor. Because you know that no challenge can shake you out of balance, you will keep moving and progressing no matter what, and inspire growth in people around you as well. And that to me is real charisma. A sincere smile that never fades, a positive power of will that moves mountains,  a magnetic ability to wholeheartedly engage with those around you.


Trench - Armani Exchange

Denim Top - Zara

Shorts - H&M

Ballerinas - Geox